Our History

Restaurant Partners Procurement (RPP) is a 25+ year old company based in Orlando, Florida.  We represent multi-unit food service operators throughout the US with a combined annualized spend approaching a billion dollars under direct management.  Our substantial buying power and expertise enables us to secure national distributor contract pricing, heavily discounted manufacturer pricing agreements and major savings on various goods and services.

 Our Vision

RPP has over 7,000 proprietary agreements with manufacturers and service providers on such critical items as dairy, proteins, produce, beverages, cleaning supplies, dry and frozen goods, paper and plastic. Our professional team has over 250+ years’ experience in restaurant operations, distribution, freight logistics, manufacturing and food service. Our approach is a combined offensive and defensive strategy against today’s aggressive costs, tailored to our client’s definition of success. Our team manages all the responsibilities of an inside purchasing staff at a fraction of the cost driven by results in service, quality, and delivered pricing.